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  1. All the day of scholars of the college shall be the members of the Association.
  2. The aims and objectives of the association are to take activities that will foster spirit of fellowship and cooperation among all the day scholars of the college.
  3. There shall be a Vice-President of the D.S.A., nominated by the Principal from among the members of the staff.
  4. The Vice-President of the D.S.A. shall be the ex-officio President to preside over all meeting of the Association except the annual meeting.
    1. There shall be a Secretary elected from among the students of the College and an Assistant Secretary elected from among the classes.
    2. The Secretary with the approval of the President shall organise all the functions of the association and shall be incharge of the minutes and correspondence.
    3. In the absence of the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary shall act as the Secretary.
  5. There shall be an executive committee consisting of :
    1. The Vice-President.
    2. The Secretary
    3. The Assistant Secretary.
    4. Class representatives.
  6. The fund of the Association shall be under the control of the Principal.
  7. Meeting of the Association shall be opened to all members of the college staff as visitors.
  8. The Principal shall be the final authority in all matters relating to the association.


The College maintains numbers of Associations and societies to foster different cultural activities such as holding debates, reading papers, panel discussions and arranging lectures and symposium etc. among the students of +2 stage. The members of the staff on the subject concerned participated may steer the discussion in such meeting.

Election of the Association for +2 stream :

There shall be five associations for +2 classess such as Cultural Association and Social Association, Athletic Club, Dramatic Society, Day Scholar's Association and Social Service Guild. Each Association shall have separate constitution of its own to conduct elections to foster cultural activities, holding debates, Essay competition, arranging lectures and symposium, celebrating Annual Functions and the like.


The +2 Cultural Associations shall be named as Betnoti College +2 Cultural Association, Betnoti.
  1. Aims:
    The aims and objectives of the Cultural Association are to foster in the students the democratic spirit and inculcate in the minds of higher secondary students a sense of corporate academic life, cultural activities and team work.
  2. Function :
    1. To organise discussions on academic and cultural aspects.
    2. To organise debates, Essay and Art competitions.
    3. To invite eminent persons to address the members of the Association in its Annual function only.
    4. To organise other activities proposed by the Association and approved by the Principal.
  3. Membership Eligibilities :
    Each regular student of +2 classes of the college is a member of the Association. These students whose names are on the Rolls of the College are eligible to cast their votes in the election and contest for offices of Secretary, Assistant Secretary of the Association unless otherwise debarred.
  4. Executive Body :
    a) There shall be an Executive Body of the Association consisting of
    1. Secretary
    2. Asst. Secretary.
    3. Class representatives (One form each +2 class or section)
    4. In case no girl student contests in the election one girl representative may be nominated by the Principal immediately after election is over.
  5. a) To fill up the vacancy in any one of the above offices the Principal shall nominate.
    b) Functions of the Executive Body.
    1. To chalk out programme of the activities of the Cultural Association for the current session.
    2. To adopt the Annual Budget for the session.
    3. To undertake other activities of the Association Approved by the Principal.
  6. There shall be an Adviser of the Cultural Association appointed by the Principal from among the members of the staff. The powers and the functions of the Adviser are similar to those of the College Union of the +3 stream.
  7. The Secretary & the Asst. secretary :
    There shall be a Secretary and an Asst. Secretary elected from among the students of +2 stream. Any student of the +2 classes can contest for the Secretaryship or Asst. Secretary ship of the Association. In the absence of Secretary the Asst. Secretary will perform all his functions. The functions of the Secretary and Asst. Secretary of the Association are similar to those under college Union of the +3 stream.
  8. Method of Election :
    Similar to that of College Union under +3 Stream.
  9. Vacancies in office (similar to those as per the College Union excluding Article 15)
  10. Fund :
    1. Each member of the Association shall pay an annual subscription of Rs. 15/- only. The payment is compulsory and will be made along with the college dues in July every year.
    2. The fund shall be at the disposal of the Principal and be spent as per the programmes including Annual Function as decided by the Executive Body & approved by the Principal.
    3. Other rules are as per the provisions under College Union.
  11. Executive Body Meeting :
    The minutes of its meeting shall be maintained by the Secretary & copy of the same shall be communicated to the Principal through the Adviser within two days.
  12. Dispute :
    Any dispute regarding counting of votes will be settled by the Advisory Body of the College Union and Cultural Association as per the Article 25 under
  13. Interpretation :
    In case of any dispute arising out of the Interpretation of any particular clause or clauses in this constitution, the interpretation of the Adviser will be final. Not withstanding anything in this constitution, the Principal shall be the final authority in all matters relating to the cultural Association.
  14. The constitution of the Athletic Club, Dramatic Society, Day Scholars' Association and Social Service Guild for +2 stream will be similar as per the rules and regulation under +3 stream. Necessary changes if required may be made and notified by the Principal from time to time.

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