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Sl.No.Staff NameDepartment
1Smt. Kalpana Jena. M.Com., M.Phil. Lect. in Commerce.Commerce.
2Smt. Tarulata Mallick. M.Sc.,M.Phil. B.Ed.,Lect in Bot.Botany.
3Dr. Dolagobinda Dey, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., Asso. Prof of ZoZoology.
4Sri Sandeep Kumar Dungdung, M.A., Lect in Psy.Psychology.
5Miss Swagatika Khilar, M.A. M.Phil. Lect.in Psy.Psychology.
6Miss. Kalpalata Behera, M.A. M.Phil. Lect in Psy. (HOD)Psychology.
7Shradhanjali Naik., M.A., M.Phil. Lect.in Log. & Phil.Logic & Philosophy.
8Sri Birendra Kumar Barik, M.A. Reader in log & Phil.(HOD)Logic & Philosophy.
9Smt. Archana Murmu, M.A., Lect in Economics.Economics.
10Miss Swarnalata Soren,M.A,M.Ed,Lect.in HistoryHistory
11Dr Prabir Kumar Nanda Goswami , Lect. in Sanskrit, H.O.D., MSanskrit
12Sri Madan Mohan Behera, Lect in Sanskrit, M.A. M.Phil, LL.B Sanskrit
13Dr. Bana Bihari Mohanty, Lect. in Physics., M.Sc., Ph.DPhysics
14Smt. Supriya Dey, Reader in Chemistry, M.Sc., M.PhilChemistry
15Smt. Debidatta Panda, Lect in Bot., M.Sc. (U.U.)Botany
16Sri Srinibs Bhanja, M.A., Lect.(Gr-A) in HistoryHistory
17Sri Ramakanta Mohanta, M.A., Lect. (Gr-A) in EnglishEnglish
18Sri Mahaprasad Rath, M.A., M.Phil., M.B.A., Lect. in Eng.English
19Dr. Swagatika Sahu, M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D (NIT, Rourkela)Chemistry
20Sri Alekha Kumar Biswal,M.A., M.Ed, Reader in EducationEducation
21Smt. Jayanti Paul, M.A., LLB. Demonstration in Education.Education
22Sri Umakanta Nayak, M.A., Lect. in OdiaOdia
23Mrs.Balimani Singh,M.A.,M.Phil, Lect. in Odia.Odia

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